Clubhouse a new invite-only app that is premised on exclusion creates communities that allow Inclusion for “real outsiders.”


You may have recently been sent a random invitation to this app called Clubhouse in the past couple of months. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about (you aren’t missing much, but if you want to get invited shoot me a message I have a couple of invites) the app is an invite-only social network that comprises live conversations between groups of people. Basically its a large group call, but what makes it intriguing is the interesting amalgamation of people who are on the app.

I’ve been on the app for the past two months, and here’s what…

This essay primarily continues on the work of Geoffrey Nunberg of the New York Times. The primary difference is in my argument of the issues with the reductive nature of eponyms.

Eponyms are without a doubt one of the more interesting means of tribute that exist. An eponym, defined as “a name or noun formed after a person”, is such a living, almost sentient, way of honoring someone. It means that their life was so impactful that just a mere mention of their name evokes a certain certain frame of thinking or reference.

Like most tributes, be they eponyms, monuments…

Photo: Vitalek Buterin at TechCrunch Disrupt, Yin Yang symbol of Daoism, Jack Dorsey meditating in Myanmar. Both claim to follow Daoism.

Tech Innovators like Jack Dorsey, Jack Ma, and Vitalek Buterin love a text that states “woe to him who willfully innovates?”

One of the more “memey” aspects of Silicon Valley’s culture is the appreciation that many technocrats have with “Spirituality.” HBO’s “Silicon Valley” poked fun at this phenomena with the show’s antagonist Gavin Belson, a representative of all the negative tropes of the Valley’s billionaires, having a “spiritual advisor,” named Denpok. Denpok’s schtick was that he spent the majority of the show peddling comically meaningless hippie sophistry all while living a lavish lifestyle through it.

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Tina Seelig Ph.D. asked her students to create a business given 5 dollars and 2 hours. One team was able to make $650 dollars-in doing so demonstrating how one’s own “privileges” can preclude them from seeing their best solution.

Privilege is a word that is used a lot nowadays. The word is often used as a pejorative, explaining how there is an intersectional advantage that some groups have over another. Be it racial, gender or financial privilege is often thought of as an advantage in the business world, and for the most part, this is often true.

However, what is…

Are you fed up with Republicans and Democrats? Brock Pierce plans to bring Silicon Valley Disruption to Politics: The former child star turned Crypto billionaire and 2020 Presidential candidate’s plan to create a “Thiel Fellowship” for politics.

Bringing Silicon Valley Disruption to Politics.

On the Bad Crypto Podcast, a few months back featuring crypto billionaires Tim Draper and Brock Pierce shared their thoughts on the present political structure. Pierce, who is running for president, explained the point of his extremely long-shot candidacy to become president.

A Bitcoin billionaire, Pierce is known for being a Disney child star. Incidentally starred in a movie titled “First Kid” with…

Photo from John McAfee’s personal Twitter. (

Your wallet will become your bank, and if that wallet cannot be looked into, meaning you’re using privacy coins, and all your activity is in a distributed exchange, then no one will know what you do with your money, and nor should they. It’s your fucking money people.
-John McAfee, speech at the Barcelona Blockchain Week 2019

Disclosure- I am by no means a crypto expert, these are just my opinions. If you are a crypto expert please shoot me a message- I’d love to talk/get your feedback.

The phrase “Pirates of Silicon Valley” has often been evoked to characterize…

Our cover photo is a reference to Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye

Overview/What is Keepin Kozy

I started Keepin’ Kozy (sometimes written out with the apostrophe sometimes not, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, I guess it’s official name is “The Keepin’ Kozy Podcast”) back in April 2020. Actually, the first episode was released on my birthday April 18th, 1998. I’ve always been relatively superstitious so I was super keen on releasing it on my birthday.

Ten episodes later and we really have done some crazy things. According to my friend Aidan, we’ve “gotten better guests than Joe Rogan,” hit 1000’s of unique viewers and listeners, and most recently just got a pretty boss knowledge panel (that for some reason only…

Jacob Kozhipatt

I’m a 2020 graduate, and the maker/host of the Keepin’ Kozy podcast (google it, it’ll help the SEO, haha).

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